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10 Barriers to Hearing God's Voice

10 Barriers to Hearing God's Voice

August 16, 20222 min read

10 Barriers to Hearing God’s Voice

1. Worries-When you worry, your mind is pre-occupied and focused on your worries. God speaks to you when you ask Him questions or when you are praising Him, and you aren’t doing either of these when you worry.
2. Complaining/Grumbling-This is when you are whining about everything that is going wrong, feeling sorry for yourself, and not seeing any of your blessings. The Egyptians did this in the desert with the manna that God was giving them to eat. When we complain and grumble, God might rebuke us, but He will likely not talk to us.
3. Resentment-Feeling like you’ve been treated unfairly, harboring bitterness in your heart.
4. Envy-Wanting what other people have, and not being grateful or not even seeing what you have been blessed with.
5. Fear-You don’t trust God or think He has your best interest in mind.
6. Weakness-You think your prayers aren’t working or that blessings, answered prayers and hearing from God must be for everyone else, but not for you.
7. Conformity-Living the way the World lives in contradiction to the Bible, and not repenting or seeing a problem with it.
8. Vanity-Being worried about what other people might think of you or how you might look if you become that Jesus freak that’s always talking about Jesus or being a goodie two-shoes.
9. Our Past-You think that because of what you’ve done in the past, that you aren’t worthy or deserving of a relationship with God. You might feel guilty or disqualified.
10. Not taking the time to listen.

Many of these things are negative emotions, and they tend to be pervasive. Meaning, they run deep, and they are hard to just turn around. This is because they are a symptom of deeper wounds that you have not healed. It could be from an abusive parent, an abusive ex, or just a harsh word spoken to you that cut you to the core.

But all of these can be healed, and I share with you how to heal these wounds, hear from God & become all He created you to be in the Tenacious Woman Blueprint.

It is a 12-week course and coaching hybrid that distills proven methods, and God’s design for healing into specific, actionable steps that you can implement into your daily routines. It’s designed to help you quickly and permanently unpack your trauma baggage, re-build your self-confidence, and move forward in life.

Learn more or sign up today at www.atenaciouswoman.com/tenacious-woman-blueprint

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